21 April 2009

The biggest con ever pulled on the American public

Ok Texas Instruments, I'm calling you out! I speak on behalf of upper level math students everywhere when I say your evil graphing calculator empire must come to an end. Nerd cash is much better spent on massively multiplayer online games and weird Japanese tentacle porn.

Jesus Christ, the TI-83+graphing calculator has been over $90 bucks for like over a fucking DECADE. It's technology from 1985. No sound, no color, no 3D modeling, no Wifi, no bluetooth, no IR send/receive. The screen's resolution is no higher than a freaking Etch-a-sketch. Considering Moore's law, this piece of shit should cost about $5. TI you need to Tighten.

1 comment:

the pepper said...

Oh my God, you're exactly right! How have they gotten away with this?