18 June 2008


In your "relationship status" you have your significant others name... you have a bunch of super cute quotes from them in your "quotes" field, an album of pictures in your "photos" AND a set of sweet "gifts" they have given you.

For the love of Christ - do they really have to be in your profile photo too?
It's FACEbook... not FACESbook.

I won't even start on people who have pictures of their baby INSTEAD of them ... another post ... another angry day.


Pete said...

Angsty Brenda is my favorite kind of Brenda

maitai said...

facebook is the devil. and seeing that kind of crap on FB makes me want to vomit everywhere.

-pouy's cynical and jaded cousin

The Becca said...

Sorry Brenda, I'll go crop Pepper out. BUT I CAN"T because that would be another tighten up foul!