17 June 2008

Open Letter to Delta: I Hate You.

Dear Delta Airlines,
I'm writing to thank you for my wonderful experience on a recent flight to Denver connecting through Cincinnati. Unlike other airlines, that take you to the destination that you initially planned to travel to - you anticipated my needs before I even knew I had them. Instead of taking me to Denver - you decided to sit on the runway for three and a half hours at Dulles... updating me and my fellow passengers three times that the runway in Cincinnati was closed so we could not take off.
Miraculously in the meantime, my connecting flight managed to take off and leave ... early even! I can only assume this was a fluke and that the connecting plane was flown by unicorns or angels.
While initially I was - I'll admit - murderously angry ... I didn't realize that you just wanted me to have Skyline Chili in Cincinnati because you knew that the crackers that you brought around during my stay on your lovely airplane were disgusting.
So thanks Delta - the chili was indeed delicious and I arrived in Denver the next day - exhausted ... but fed.

Xoxo -

P.S. Fuck You.


iWant said...

Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport
'nuff said.
They've had this planned since day 1.

The Becca said...

Doesn't Delta declare bankruptcy yearly at this poing?