27 September 2008

What Chicken Sandwich?

I want to start by saying that Chick fil a usually provides me with wonderful customer service. In fact, in all of my trips there (a lot) I have only had one problem other than today. I went to the Short Pump Town Center location-- (probably my fault because i prefer the free standing locations) and the service was horrible. First of all "Erika" looked like she hadn't hit puberty yet-- then, she when she gave me my food-- she slammed the bag down on the counter and didn't ask me if I wanted any sauce. (I ALWAYS want sauce). Then... the violation of all violations-- she didn't say "My Pleasure" after I thanked her.

Moving beyond the initial bad experience-- I went to eat my "Sandwich" and there was no top bun. Excuse me? Are you trying to tell me I need to watch my carbs? Then... when I took it back to "Erika" and told her the problem... she looked at me like I was an alien. Took my sammy and whipped around to find someone else who maybe had two brain cells and said "umm like there's no bun on this...." The other person confirmed they had brain cells because they said "We will get them to make you a new one right away"... Thanks "Kayla"

Seriously- tighten up Chick Fil A. Especially you... "Erika"

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