03 October 2008

A lil' moment of tightness (which are far too few in this world, don't you think?)

As I recounted a lil' while ago, I experienced an encounter with a Postal Service employee who subjected me to endless interrogation as to my religious beliefs, and then foisted upon me a Tract of propaganda relating to her faith, which is "Jehovah's Witness." Taking none too kindly to this infiltration of religious extremism into the civil service, I wrote a letter of complaint with very low expectations of receiving any reply. But as recent experience has shown, almost any expectation, set low enough, can be surpassed.

I received a most welcome and, well, let's not hold back here, I should say Tight reply to my letter, as follows:

"Dear Postal Customer:

We have contacted the Yellowstone Post Office personnel responsible for the Grant Village Contract Postal Unit regarding your experience there. The Manager has been apprised of the situation and is taking the necessary actions to ensure that this practice does not continue. A notice will be issued to the Grant Village CPU supplier informing them that further inquiry of customer's religious beliefs and/or distribution of religious materials within the CPU will result in immediate termination of their contract for default. [This wasn't technically a Post Office, but was a contract office, sort of like a franchise.]

All concerned are now working together to ensure that you do not experience any further difficulties. Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience you have experienced."

Few things in life are better than customer service done right. I'm calling them Monday morning to tell them in person how much I love them and want to have their babies.


Flagil_Reinhumps said...

Man, I think it is the power of The Tighten Up Report. The Roanoke Public Library responded big time to my little issue when the librarian asked me if I was going to go take a dump. The Tighten Up Report gets things DONE.

Pepper said...

I'm really, really pleased, and heartened.