20 October 2008

Loose Tech Support

Dear Tech Support Team at T-Mobile,
I am blindingly angry at you and your lack of tech support.
How is it POSSIBLE that my problem with my brand new blackberry is beyond your comprehension?
I have spoken to three tech experts ... no one has been able to fix the problem.
I have also realized that anyone can be a tech expert because the term is applied liberally at T-Mobile ... hobos, cats, plastic bottles ... anything or anyone.

Tech person one told me no other device ever manufactured by the company has ever gotten stuck on the loading screen. Really Tech person one? Because Tech person 2 disagrees.

Tech person number two said it was fixable but I couldn't do it on a macintosh. WTF? Who doesn't have mac compatible software?! It's fucking 2008!

Tech person 3 tried really hard ... I'll give him that ... but still ultimately failed so I hate him too.

I hate the blackberry 8700 ... I hate T-Mobile ... I now need moral support more than I need tech support.

Tighten up.

xo -

1 comment:

Woodwardo said...

That was funny, and I feel your pain.

I would tell you to ditch them and get an iPhone, but I'm not entirely sure that those are so great either...

I love mine for everything but making phone calls, go figure.