20 February 2009

Stick to Puns that are Funny NYP

Now I know that everyone on cable TV and beyond has felt the need to weigh in on the New York Post and their cartoon about Travis the dead Old Navy performance chimp and the stimulus - and sadly, I am no different.
Here's why - how has NO ONE pointed out that it's the most disingenuous argument EVER that NYP editors had no idea that it would be taken as a blatantly racist (uh, cause in my opinion ... it was)? These people are professional PUN writers! The double entendre maestros who brought us "Ike Beats Tina to Death" when Ike Turner died!

I mean - come on - you needed to generate some buzz ... whatever ... the newspaper business is really tough these days ... I get it...but at least fess up rather than issue lame untight apology for a lame untight cartoon.

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