26 January 2009

The monster truck establishment must tighten!

As two recent articles attest, the monster truck establishment is being shaken to its core by a spate of monster truck-related deaths, prompting some to wonder about the future of the psuedo-sport.

On Monday, 19 January, stuff.co.nz reported that
"Flying debris at a monster truck rally in Washington [State] has killed a six-year-old boy who was sitting in the crowded grandstand with his family."

And just this morning, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that George Eisenhart--a promoter of Monster Truck events--was killed after stepping into the path of one of the thundering beasts. "
He was pronounced dead two hours later at Univeristy of Wisconsin Hospital of major, "crushing" internal injuries, Coroner John Stanley said." (tighten-within-a-tighten goes to the Coroner for the insensitive use of the term "crushing")

The Monster Truck establishment must tighten its safety regulations and enforcement to prevent any such future accidents. The delicious nomenclature is slipping away from us that allows Gravedigger (see photo, above) to be celebrated with no connotation of morbidity--and when it is gone, so will be our beloved smashtrucks.


UPDATE: The newsreel!


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