28 January 2009

This time I mean it. Tighten Up Your Mouth.

Last year, I posted that I wanted the people in my tiny tiny tiny work space not to talk about babies. I'm amending this now.

I want them to stop talking all together because they have nothing to say.

HEY HEY HEY You ... guy ... you have said that "quip" eight times ... still not funny.
You - girl - you sound like the female equivalent of Animal from The Muppets when you talk. Thank god you do not have a drum set at work.

Notice how EVERYONE IS QUIET?! EVERYONE? You have secretly wanted to be cool and like everyone else your entire life ... Now's your chance!

You - other girl - if your cell phone has more than one ring - it has a vibrate function.

So. Angry. Tighten. Up.

1 comment:

the pepper said...

25 points for Animal Muppet reference; and additional 25 points for the drum reference.