29 January 2008

No more babies.

I don't know what is in the water over here in the Capitol Hill press gallery - but everyone seems to be breeding.
Ok that's fine, yes the picture of your child is adorable.
I do not what to hear about the following:
* Cute new habits like learning now to remove their clothing.
* Anything that goes in or comes out of their bodies.
* ANYTHING having to do with child birth.
*The phrase, "Oh my first did that..." because it always leads to another story about someone's baby.
*Childless people chiming in "When my niece was 2 ..." Not only does this conversation suck but you don't even have children so stop talking about them.

I went into a profession is historically destructive to the traditional family set to avoid such discussion, so please keep your discussions of "Bobby's favorite night light" and "Jenny's fear of cats" to yourselves.


Bodenner said...

no wonder you drink so much diet coke: http://www.theonion.com/content/amvo/caffeine_increases_miscarriage

Pepper said...

Oh look, there's nothing in my childless purse but disposable income!

-L. Nagel
Anti-Child Advocate

Brenda Starr said...

And I quote: "Falling down stairs and now this? Where is a pregnant woman expected to find any joy?"

sarah said...

brenda let me know when

1. you have a designated area in the ladies room for lactating mothers to pump breast milk during the day

2. when you walk into a coworkers office, she has her recently used, plastic breast pumps sitting prominently on a drying rack on her desk

babies are gross

The Becca said...

I hate anne getties more than babies.

mandy said...

If you have 11min, watch this.