14 March 2007

$1,000 Pizza

Nino Selimaj, owner of the various Nino's restaurants in NYC, has introduced a $1,000 pizza. That's right $1,000. The small personal pie comes with caviar, roe, lobster tail, and several rare spices. The tighten up goes the stupid ass that I know is going to actually buy one of these. Who ever you are, where ever you are, tighten your shit up! That $1,000 is not going to impress the girl your with jackass. The good news? The water is always free at Nino's...

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Matt said...

Nino is an asshole but his restaurants are ok. He says he already sold one in the Reuters article:
"Sure, some people will say it is just a publicity stunt but I have researched this for over a year and think there is a demand. I have already sold one."