12 March 2007

Lots of tightness today

1) The most unlikely place to ever find tightness--The Weekly Standard--pleasantly surprised me today when I came across a recent issue and noticed its cover story entitled, "Civilization and Its Contents." For all you non-geeks out there, Civilization is the most addictive computer strategy game ever created. I squandered many a sleepless night between semesters crushing other kingdoms with my might and bending their peasants to my will (ie, not getting laid).

The article is fairly bland, and the writer manages to weave in a subtle diatribe against atheism, but the Standard certainly deserves a tightness nod for the coverage. (And Civilization definitely deserves a bonus nod for attracting the fandom of the Fresh Prince.)

2) Has anyone else noticed that you can double-click words in the NYT and get a pop-up definition? Friggin' tight!

3) King County--which encompasses my brother's city of Seattle--just changed its official logo from one representing a slave-holding vice president to one of MLK.

I know he preached nonviolence and all, but I would not want to cross that bad mofo. (Anybody else see the resemblance?)


Jordan said...

I have to dissent from your view of the NY Times feature. I like to read text on my computer by clicking and dragging my mouse over it, and every time I attempt to do so, the Times' pop up gets in the way. Very frustrating. I wish they could make this feature optional, or allow you to disable it.

Pete said...

The way I justify Civ to myself: At least I'm not wasting zee Germans in Call of Duty. I mean, it's intellectual right?

I really gotta tighten up...

mandy said...

I just discovered that NYTimes "feature" myself by accident a few weeks ago. I'm not sure how I missed it all these years. Weird thing is I click-and-drag over text all the time, either to copy/paste or save my place. That is, I never noticed a pop-up until this recent instance of double-clicking. Though I will say I think I do recall pop-ups starting to materialize in the past, but I am so incensed at the thought of ads, that I've gotten lightening fast with the CMD-W -- I never realized those were dictionary entries.

But I agree with Jordan: NYTimes should give you the option to disable the look-up. It should be like those stupid links where, if you hover over them, they show a mini image of the linked page. While infuriating (and a resources-suck), at least Snap gives you the option to disable the plugin.