15 March 2007

What did I say?!!?!??

No dressing up if you're over the age of 12. It goes for the president, and it goes for you especially, Peter Pan Pixie Man.

God, what a sick freak. I can fly? Well you can tighten your shit up!

This pederast's website links to a company that makes baby clothes for adults. Whatever people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of my business, but ForeverAKid.com: this is sick. Tighten up.

Miscellaneous tightenings in order:
Blogger: you say I can sign in with my Gmail account information and you will remember it. Well, you never do. That's bullshit. Tighten your shit up.

Jos A. Bank tailor: I was very clear that I brought my pants in to have the hem finished, not to have excess fabric taken out of the seat of my pants. Get your hands out of my ass crack and put that chalky thing down. And when I say I want a slight break, don't tell me that a full break is better. It's not. Get tight or I will give you a full break.

Rebecca's boyfriend's car: I don't care if you are a 1983 VW hatchback - that's no excuse for your clutch to break while crusing down M Street in Georgetown. The mechanic says it's a faulty belt. Transmission belt: tighten up.

Self: You're talking to a car like it's a person. Get a hold of yourself and tighten up.

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Chris said...

PPPM looks like he's a pretty talented tailor, maybe you should switch..