28 March 2007

McCain: Momentary Lapse of Campaign Stance

[via Slashdot] Apparently some of John McCain's staff don't know a lot about giving credit where credit's due. Or at least they don't know a lot about keeping their tubes clean. A MySpace page was generated for McCain using a layout template designed by Mike Davidson who says he didn't really mind the McCain camp's lack-of-nod. What he did mind, however, was the bandwidth suck the page was causing every time McCain supporters went a'clicking -- the layout was still pulling an image sitting on Davidson's servers. So Davidson thought he'd get even by, umm, altering the image a bit. It reads: "Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage... particularly marriage between two passionate females." Nice; wow. Internet dork-and-tomfoolery at its best. Davidson calls it an "immaculate hack".

Tighten up, McCain staffers! Y'all should know better! And while Davidson could seriously get into some hot water for stunts like this, he certainly made his point. Way to keep folks on their toes.

Let this be a lesson for all to tighten shit up and cut the hot-linking.

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