02 March 2007

62% of Americans tightening up?

The New York Times seems to think so:
A majority of Americans say the federal government should guarantee health insurance to every American, especially children, and are willing to pay higher taxes to do it, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.


Jordan said...

polls like this remind me of my all-time favorite scene from the simpsons:

Edna: Our demands are simple: a small cost-of-living increase and some better equipment and supplies for your children.

Audience: [Excitedly chattering] Yeah! Give it to them!

Skinner: Yeah, in a dream world. We have a very tight budget; to do what she's asking, we'd have to raise taxes.

Audience: [Angrily chattering]Raise taxes? They're too high as they are! Taxes are bad!

Edna: It's your children's future.

Audience: [Excitedly chattering] That's right. Children are important!

Skinner: It'll cost you.

Audience: [Angrily chattering] No to taxes. My God, they're going to raise taxes! etc.

Edna: C'mon!

Audience: [Excitedly chattering] She makes a good case! Yeah, good point!

Skinner: [rubs his thumb and index finger together]

Audience: [Angrily chattering] More taxes? The finger thing means the taxes!

Jordan said...

No tighter than ever before - I just saw that in the same poll in 1993, 63% of respondants said they would pay higher taxes for universal health care.

If anyone has tightened it up, it's Ron Wyden, whose health care plan is 1000x better than Hillary's early 90s plan was.

Ok, now I'm talking health care policy in the comments to a blog about tightening shit up. Jordan: tighten up.

mandy said...

Ok, now I'm talking health care policy in the comments to a blog about tightening shit up. Jordan: tighten up.

ha HA! Maybe, but you're talking health care policy in a post about possible health care policy so that's excused. Tightening waved.

Would you mind posting the link to the 1993 poll results? I think that's an excellent point. I'm obviously the one in need of a little tweaking what with not realizing this may just be the response of the robotic masses.

Jordan said...

here's the article i referred to:


here's the relevant graf:

The survey shows overwhelming majorities support the idea of assuring health coverage to all Americans and guaranteeing that no one ever loses their insurance when they switch jobs or suffer a medical catastrophe. Sixty-one percent said they were willing to pay higher taxes to achieve those goals, and more than half said they were willing to have the Government require employers to pay most of the health insurance premiums to cover their workers -- a centerpiece of the Clinton plan.