09 March 2007

Note to self

A few weeks back I ordered Washingtonians at large to tighten their shit up and stop dropping gloves on the ground.

Well, two nights ago I went to the Wizards-Raptors game, and asked Mollie to put my gloves in her coat pocket for the duration of the game (I was wearing a coat with very shallow pockets). At the end of the game as we were leaving our seats, I asked for my gloves. She could only produce one of them. After several minutes of poking my head under the Verizon Center's seats, I conclude the glove was lost forever.

While you could (and should) argue that Mollie should have held on to my gloves, the fact remains that the gloves were mine, and thus I am both a hypocrite and in need of a good strong tightening up.

1 comment:

Mollie said...

eek, sorry about that! i would say that i need to tighten up in respect to my absent-mindedness, but we all know it's not gonna happen any time soon.