15 May 2007

Bowen knows

After surrendering an 11 point lead, at home, in game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals to the Phoenix Suns, Spurs forward Bruce Bowen offers a self-TU:
"We've been in this situation before. We did a good job to get the lead. Late in the game we didn't do a good job," Spurs guard Bruce Bowen said. "We have to do a better job of tightening up more than anything else."

In addition to holding leads on his home court, Bowen could tighten up by not making so many cheap plays like clipping Amare Stoudemire's achilles heel or kneeing Steve Nash in the groin.

Pepper, you know what I'm talking about, you sports maniac.


Pepper said...

GOD! Bowen is such a tool--I don't care how many RBIs he touchbacked on the front 9 during sudden death in the first frame.

Pete said...

Pep that was the greatest string of sports analogies I've seen in a long while.