18 May 2007

Think Twice Before You Ink.

So, I don't know the story behind this tattoo. All I know is that this poor motherfucker not only had to go through the agony of losing his wife and the agony of getting a giant tattoo to commemorate her death, but he also has to endure a lifetime of looking at this repugnant vision on his arm.
Honestly, my reaction to this photo was "Is this supposed to be from before or after she died?" Look tattoo artist, if you're going to get paid a boatload of cash for this, draw a sketch first and ask yourself "Does this look like a regular bride, or like a corpse bride?" If the answer is "Corpse Bride" maybe you should go back to the sketch book and try again. And lay off the intoxicants before you pick up the tattoo gun. Then again, maybe this guy got his tattoo for free. And the laser removal for free.
Tattoo artist: Tighten Up buddy.

Not a sermon, just a thought.