24 May 2007

Pet Grooming Mishap

My parents recently adopted a 12 year-old Pomeranian. They're still in the process of finding the right groomer, and yesterday, they crossed another one off the list. My father asked for a "shorter" look; what the groomer produced, by contrast, was what I believe to be the first blonde Ewok. I'm not sure if it's the groomer or my dad that needs to tighten up, but lesson learned.


Matthew said...

If my ex-wife tells me to take her pomeranian bowling while she goes to screw her new husband in Hawaii, I'll tell her to go fuck herself.

Line? movie? Anyone? Bueler?


mandy said...

Um, yeah . . . I get my cat "groomed" 'cause she's otherwise a giant fur-ball and produces literal tumbleweeds of hair. She is also 12 years old. I thought this was crazy at first, but she literally acts like a kitten for the following few months; I really do think she likes it. Here's a good picture of her booties.