01 May 2007

Recycling bins: Too tight for environment

As summer approaches, and that lingering sunlight hangs in the warm air, folks can't help but gather every Friday downtown for Fridays After Five, a long-standing tradition here in Charlottesville. There's good music, kettle corn and of course, beer. Everyone is smiling, kids are running around and everyone feels just a little bit more amicable than usual (perhaps a side-effect of the beer, but I'd like to think it's just a wave of good ol' fashioned well-being). Everything is just about perfect with this setup. Just about.

Enter, the Budweiser Recycling Bins. The beer vendors have been nice enough to distribute their beers in Solo No. 2 -- or maybe No. 1; I can't remember -- cups. Either way, both are recyclable here in Charlottesville, as the recycling center accepts both No. 1 and No. 2 plastics. Awesome!! Except these stupid lids they put on the bins have openings that are too small to actually accommodate the Solo Cups. You have to bend the cup in order to force it through. I mean, it seems like a no-brainer: leave the lids off, cut bigger holes or get different lids altogether. I understand the worry: drunk people like to put trash in recycling bins, but I guarantee that drunk folks, spurned by the square-peg-in-round-hole scenario, are just as likely to neglect recycling their Solo cups and will just trash them.

Come on, Charlottesville Pavillion, LLC! Get new, skinnier recyclable cups! Get new bins! Get new lids! Cut bigger holes for the cups! Whatever you do, tighten-up!


Pepper said...

I'm never recycling again.

The Becca said...

yeah FUCK THAT, Environment! You're always being such a debbie downer and ruining everything fun about life: pouring gasoline in creeks, using massive amounts of aerosol hair spray, and removing those totally cool styrofoam burger containers from McDonos! And now you can't even provide the proper outlet for recycling. Serves you right.

mandy said...

Becca, your comment reads like Amy Poehler impersonating Avril Lavigne, which seems about right. PS: I *heart* Amy Poehler.