20 December 2007

Happy Holidays (Corporate) Detroit

Oh, Stephen L. Johnson.

Today, EPA Administrator Johnson denied 17 states the right to set their own (stricter) fuel efficiency and emissions standards, saying the less stringent fuel economy federal standard recently (reluctantly) signed by Bush makes their efforts moot.

The giant sucking sound you might hear from the EPA's Crystal City campus today is either:

1) The U.S. auto industry's collective fellatio of Stephen's Johnson.
2) Well, fuck it, let's hand everything over to Japan. (This also sounds like a sucking vacuum, as in evaporating jobs/competitive long-term strategy in view of rising $ per bbl/etc. )

Steve-O, who do you work for?

Didn't Bush get appointed for an environmental platform of letting states decide when and how to regulate their own unique environmental problems?

Tighten up EPA. We were a joke/obstacle in Bali, the least we can do is regulate carbon locally. In the end, the U.S. auto lobby is digging its own grave. As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation. Unless the rest of the country is run by douche bags. Sigh.