06 December 2007

Tighten-Up by Proxy: Project Beltway Throws Down

Via Project Beltway.

Original text:

Dear Men of Downtown Washington,

How about you move.

Do you see that grate in the sidewalk? Yeah. The one encrusted with yesterday’s mintry mix?

I’m wearing heels, and you’re more than likely wearing thick-soled AmJacks (shoutout to reader rdhd), so when I’m walking toward you on the sidewalk, how about you take two seconds to consider that it might be the gentlemanly thing to do to move onto the grate.

I know that you’re the same clueless asshat who can’t be bothered to say excuse me when you and your conference-freebie man-bag thwack me in the side as you step in front of me entering a Metro turnstile, but how about you at least pretend to be a gentleman?

Love hugs & kisses,


Brenda Starr said...

I commented there and I'll comment here.
Golf claps Rach - for the post and the use of the word "asshat."

mandy said...


Pete said...
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Pete said...

I like that one guy's comment about being scared to walk on grates. They don't scare half as much as the in ground basement access doors. I swear those things are like little claymores waiting to end my life with a ten foot tumble onto a moldy cement floor.

sarah said...

pete has very tight grate etiquette. if not, i probably would have broken something/killed myself during one of my visits to your big, fancy city by now.

Pete said...


The Becca said...

get a room!