19 December 2007

Letstalk.com, you are as reliable as that wino outside of Gibson's grocery.

Today I wrote my first "disgruntled customer" letter to a company. So over the past month or so I have spent close to 5 hours talking to customer service. In the letter I itemized my grievances:

1. I was not initially credited for free Night and Weekend minutes.
2. I was dissatisfied with the Nokia phone and initiated an exchange for a Samsung candy bar phone (I’m not, believe it or not, super picky. The Nokia phone was pretty chincy).
3. While I sent the phone back by the the last week of September, letstalk.com dragged their ass, and stopped offering the Samsung phone on October 1st. I waited without a phone and without communication from letstalk.com.
4. Called and told to pick another phone. Ensured rebate would still apply.
5. Called T-Mobile to make sure I would not be charged another activation fee. I was.
6. Got phone, did not have the correct telephone number, actually letstalk.com did not initiate an exchange but rather activated a second account. Was told by letstalk.com there was nothing they could do about this.
7. Exasperated. Refused to get off phone with letstalk customer service representative. And then click,
“You mean to say we activated a second telephone line rather than initiating an exchange.”
“::chuckle:: yes, that is what I’ve been saying for the past 20 minutes.”
“Oh, ok, I’m sorry, no problem, we’ll take care of it.”
“You were going to hang up on me 2 minutes ago.”
“Ya, sorry about that.”
8. Started rebate today. Found out purchase had to happen prior to October 1st. Started the exchange before then (Please refer back to gripe #4), but the letstalk.com delay fucked me over.
9. Called customer service, told that nothing could be done.
10. Wrote my disgruntled letter.
11. Posted this to the TUR.

It was kind of comical. I really had no recourse at the end of my last customer service call. And then the epiphany- I can write a letter! Haha! A letter! Heads will roll! So I'm like, "Sarah (letstalk.com rep) does letstalk have an address so that I can write a LETTER?"
"Um, wait a sec.....can I put you on hold?"

Who knows, maybe letstalk.com reads this blog just as much as the Roanoke Public Library.


Pepper said...

incredible. sounds like sarah was reading the TUR instead of doing her job.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I sympathize & empathize with you.
I ordered two Sony Ericcson W580i phones. Received them on 12/24/07. They were opened and initially activated on Christmas day. Began to be defective during the first couple of weeks. Per Let's Talk Terms and Conditions:
Returns only within the first seven days, (including shipping days), Exchanges within first 30 days or 30 MINUTES OF USE!!! Whichever comes first!! My phones were defective within the first thirty days, but because there was more than thirty minutes of use on them, they would only send me refurbished phones under the warranty provision. How ridiculous! Hell, I was on hold with customer service for more than thirty minutes, much less taking care of business for the previous 20 something days. This would be one minute or less per day of use, in order to not exceed the time frame, but they put in BIG, BOLD, letters that you have 30 DAYS!
Thanks for the opportunity to vent.
Lesson learned: Stay away from Let's Talk.com and Walmart.com for cell phones especially if you actually expect customer service and for some big company to stand behind a product that they sell......