06 December 2007

Metro: Decidedly Untight

One day after an inch of snow brought Metro to it's knees ... I get this alert after boarding this morning:
(ID 40098) Disruption at Farragut North towards Glenmont. (Trains are sharing the same track due to a sick customer aboard a train at Farragut North station. Expect delays in both in both directions.). Unsubscribe: wmata.com/opt_out.cfm

Why close down ONE CAR when you could close down the ENTIRE Red line?
Did this person have a flesh eating virus? In that case - would I get more notice?

40 minutes later:
(ID 40098) Disruption at Farragut North was cleared. Thank you for riding Metro.. Unsubscribe: wmata.com/opt_out.cfm
No Metro, Thank you for giving me one more reason to take a cab.

You are in need of a tightening.


Matthew said...

wait, you guys get notices? like, in an email?

Brenda Starr said...

I signed up for them on metro's website.
They are 90% annoying and 10 % helpful (i.e. the Green Line is on fire consider an alternative route).