19 July 2007

Cherries need to Tighten Up and Lose the Pits.

In these times of intergalactic space travel and hover cars, cherries need to get with the 21st century. Look, cherries are delicious. They have great texture and flavor, but those pits are HUGE (unlike raspberries) and they don't have nearly the charm of the watermelon seed, which has gone the way of the dinosaur. Many other scrumptious fruits have gone seedless: Watermelons , Grapes, Oranges, etc... But cherries continue to suck at life. Why the under performance?
Hey cherries, get with the times and lose the pits.
Let's tighten up here. Jesus.


Ivo said...

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Thanks Ivo

Pete said...

What an amazing point. Never thought of that. I hate pits and seeds in my fruit. I can hardly believe I have tiraded about this myself.

P.S. What the F is that comment above mine??

The Becca said...

I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to "tell us vhat ve vant to know little peep. hmmmm?"

Matthew said...

But Becca, without pits, how in the world would we have cherry pits/seed spitting contests?

Ivo, your blog spam interesting makes nice!


Pepper said...

Get with the program, cherries!

Pete said...

"Ivo, your blog spam interesting makes nice!"

Well said Mr. Crosby, well said indeed.