18 July 2007

Google weather slides farther from tightness

Yesterday, I issued a TU to Google for repeatedly using the following icon in their weather gadget:

The icon basically suggests that any remotely plausible configuration of seasonally-appropriate weather (excepting perhaps tornado winds and the second plague) could occur in the next 24 hours - the meteorological equivalent of throwing up your hands, shrugging your shoulders, and uttering "uhnnnnnnuhha?"

Well, my friends, I am sorry to report this, but it gets worse.

Today Google tells me that the forcast for today is "uhnnnnnnuhha?", the forecast for tomorrow is "uhnnnnnnuhha?", but the forecast for Friday . . . well that can only be characterized as this:

Wait a second . . . what the hell is that??? Let's look at these icons side-by-side:

What is different here? Isn't it obvious?! Today and Thursday, we're gong to get some sun, and then a large, ominous cloud might appear, and then some pointy, fast, sky darkening rain might fall out of the sky, whereas on Friday, we're going to get some sun, and then a happy, fluffy cloud might appear, and then some fat, widely-spaced, sky-color-neutral rain might fall out of the sky. Dress appropriately, kids!

Update: Mandy helpfully suggests I use Weather Underground instead. While I'm too lazy independently check the weather each day, I do appreciate this site's willingness to admit they have no fucking clue about the very subject they're supposed to report on. Witness:

I wish I knew about this icon when I wrote my first post on Google weather. Somehow, this is actually more reassuring. Also, their cloud has a mouth, which I like.


Pete said...

I think making the switch to the weather channel's hour by hour action might be your best bet here.

mandy said...

*Wow*. That is both hilarious and annoying. Screw Google's lack of tight weather. Weather Underground has never let me down: http://wunderground.com/

Jordan said...

Mandy, thanks for the suggestion. I updated my post to reflect the tightness of Weather Underground, although I still won't visit, as I forecast a 100% chance of laziness on my part.

mandy said...

I definitely understand about laziness. Also, I think when I said, "[WUnderground] has never let me down", what I really meant was, the charts and graphs under "Details" offer percentage probabilities which I appreciate. And yes, the anthropomorphic sun/moon/clounds is always a nice. I mean, those clounds seem genuinely happy to be pelting the shit out of everyone with rain and hail.