16 July 2007

Confound this weather device!

Meteorology is a notoriously inexact science. Google prides itself on making useful information available to all (except those who live under repressive regimes, but that's another story), yet it seems the company is not merely victim to the unreliability of weather forecasting, but taking this guesswork to new heights.

I present to you the icon which characterizes the weather for each of the next four days in my weather gadget on my Google homepage:


What should I take this pictoral representation of present and future conditions to mean? Quite literally, it suggests, "Well, there's going to be some sun, which may be partially obscured by a cloud, which may have rain come out of it at some point." In other words, "We don't have a fucking clue what it's going to do outside." As the owner of a fine pair of suede shoes, I find this vexing.

Google, I propose an alternate simulacrum, which will convey a similar meaning without all the unecessary trickery:


Tighten up and make it happen.


The Becca said...

The first graphic is so hilarious that you could have just posted that, with a "Google says this is my weather for this week. Tighten Up Google AND weather"

Jordan said...

I agree. I got carried away, and failed to see the forest for the trees.

mandy said...

I think it would be awesome if Google gave you that question-mark graphic if 1) upcoming weather was unknown or 2) Google suspects you are about to have a run-in with the Riddler.

Pepper said...

I like the explanation, particularly the vexation.