09 July 2007

Plane rules on personal space.

Hey assface,
It's bad enough that on a 7 1/2 hour flight, I had to sit between two strangers. Even worse is that I had to sit next to you, you armrest hoarding philistine. It's common courtesy when you have the AISLE seat that you get the AISLE arm rest, not BOTH! To further emphasize your incompetence in the art of manners, your elbow exceeded the arm rest and robbed me of an additional 4 cubic inches from my already cramped personal bubble.

And so I ask, were you raised by wolves? Oh no, that can't be, wolves train their young better.

So, when I woke you up about 7 times so that I could "go to the bathroom", that was out of spite. Let's tighten up buddy.

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