14 September 2007

Another Self-Tighten for Pete

Let me describe the setting of the horrific knot above...

I went to a party last night and was rocking the social tie, as I often do. After more than a couple shots, a few ladies and I began a discussion centered on my social tie and why I wear one. I mentioned, "Girls like to pull on it and play with it and it looks cute, thus making me look cute." Said ladies laughed and pulled on my tie. This begot a discussion about knot tying. I then decided to display my superior knot tying skills using one of the ladies' ties. The knot above is the result.

Where to start....
1) Displaying any type of skills at a party, be they knot tying skills, air guitar skills, bo-staff skills, etc..., is simply not tight.
2) Pointing out that I wear a social tie to garner attention from women is very untaught.
3) The knot I managed to squeak out is the least tight pile of crap I've tied since my age reached double digits.
4) Jose Cuervo is totally untaught

PS- acceptable exceptions to 1. are dance skills and karaoke skills

1 comment:

Pepper said...

Pete, you're pretty hard on yourself, but I can appreciate the self-reflection. I'm glad that at least when you did try some moves at a party, that they were sartorially-conscious.