28 September 2007

Ein Prosit!

It’s official - fall is upon us!

This seasonal gem which evokes gluttonous feelings of thanksgiving decadence and the idyllic romance associated with autumn colors also denotes one of the greatest and most cohesive folkloric traditions ever – OKTORBERFEST! Jovial inebriated smiles radiate all across the globe as the clinging of steins resonate all throughout the month of October. I, along with thousands of hops enthusiasts throughout the world take part in this festive convention every year and I freakin love it!

This emphatic appreciation however comes with a paramount need to tighten up…You see, I, like many of my non-Bavarian friends take active part in celebrating by singing along, as loudly and as obnoxiously as possible. Now that’s fine. The issue lies in the fact that I (and I suspect most others) have no clue what the actual words are and if I do, I forget them after the 4th sip of my delicious and frosty lagger. So, at the risk of sounding like a party Nazi (please excuse the awful culturally insensitive pun), I would like to motion that from now on out, as a respectful courtesy to our German drinking buddies, we actually learn and remember the lyrics (well at least the simple and most common ones).
Please take the time to memorize the following short and lovely prose and I’ll see you at the Biergarten. Dunkeshein!

“Ein prosit, ein prosit, der gemutlichkeit! Ein prosit, ein prosit, der gemutlichkeit! Oans! Zwor! Drei! Gsuffa!”


Pete said...

Danke for a needed TU and welcome to the party!!

Pepper said...


Anonymous said...
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Pepper said...

anonymous: your use of apostrophes sucks. tighten up.

Anonymous said...

your a grammer nazzi