11 September 2007

Washington's 50 Most Powerful slighty more than 50% fun

Thank you Washingtonian for calling GQ out on its BS. Apparently, GQ took our advice and hosted the party at Cafe Milano. Unfortunately, Cafe Milano ignored the coolest trend in Harlem and forgot to turn on the AC.

So let's recap:

GQ--not so tight
Cafe Milano--two months tightness watch
DC's 50 most powerful--only slightly tighter than average.


The Becca said...

No No, Milano is a fucking sweatshop. It's like Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill in there.

Milano, you're going to have to tighten up.

Air conditioning is what the kids like these days.

Pete said...

Tightness award for most links per word...

Scott said...

Cafe Milano never has A/C in the summer.

Guys who are regulars know this and wear linen, (seersucker not being Euro enough).