07 September 2007


Through begging, pleading, and doing some things in Chelsea I'm not proud of, I was able to score a ticket to the Thom Browne off-tent fashion show this year. For all of you less fabulous people, off-tent is a term for an independent show not affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, therefore not in the Bryant Park tent. The show was amazing, but I forgot my camera so the best I can give you is an image I stole from Racked. I particularly liked the plaid shorts combined with suit jackets. It's actually wearable, unlike most of the stuff Browne shows (i.e. mini skirts for men combined with the above short sleeve suit jackets... yikes). As always, Browne's fashion is just a touch too out there for me, but as his inspiration trickles across the rest of the men's clothing market and gets toned down, the results are just right.

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Pepper said...

Endlessly jealous. Tightness corroborated.