13 September 2007

Metro proves that it just doesn't give a shit

I feel the urge to issue a TU to the DC Metro on a near-weekly basis, but I've refrained thus far because, ya know, that would get repetitive. But today's fuck-up was slightly alarming. While commuting home on the Red Line this evening, I noticed a man board my car, deliberately set his heavy backpack on one of the seats, pace back and forth in front of the doors, and then briskly disembark at the very next station. My fellow passengers and I thought this was a bit odd, so one gentleman got up and used the telecom to let the driver know what happened. At the next stop, we all got out of the car, expecting some sort of investigation to ensue. Instead, the doors closed, and the train went on its merry way, leaving the riders of car #5407 standing on the platform with our thumbs up our asses. Now, of course I did my fair share of bitching when this happened. But this evening's incident seemed to warrant some kind of concern from the driver.

So Metro, if you're going to insist on playing those alerts every day enjoining us to point out stray baggage, maybe try to follow up a little?


Pepper said...

Sounds to me like a bald dereliction of duty.

mandy said...

Whoa! That is sketchy-mcsketcherson. Tighten-up, Metro!!

Brenda Starr said...

They are too preoccupied with the fact that the stations keep catching on fire...which now that I think of it, might also be a threat to public health.

I hate you metro, tighten-up.