18 September 2007

Cuba Gooding Jr. escapes from mediocrity and wanders onto commercial shoot.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has recently appeared in Hanes television commercials as part of a some-star cast of underwear spokespeople. To be clear, Michael Jordan has been Hanes' principal celebrity spokesathlete for as long as I can remember, and I think it's fair to say that he's at least somewhat associated with the brand in the popular conscience.

Why, I now wonder, has Hanes brought on Mr. Gooding Jr. to play second fiddle to Jordan's emeritus star? Is it really worth dragging Michael Jordan, a man who will be remembered as one of the history's finest athletes, through the mud for the sake of some third-rate slapstick? Now I'm a die-hard Hanes undershirt man: their tagless design is pure comfort. But I've got to reconsider my loyalties when a man of such extraordinary mediocrity begins to Bogart my shirts.

Cuba Gooding Jr., unhand Michael Jordan, and my undershirts too.


Pete said...

Why can't you just LEAVE CUBA ALONE!!!!

mandy said...

"Career Hindenburg" next to "Cuba Gooding is a terrible spokesman" makes me giggle.

The Becca said...

calm the fuck down Pete!!!!

Pepper said...

Pete, are your working for Gooding? Do we need to take this outside?