13 September 2007

Tightness has a new home.

That's right, friends: next time you're three posts to the wind at a party and the only URL you can remember is "tightpantsDOTbrocollispotDOTinterwebz", salvation is at hand:


For serious.
Yours in Tightness,
Board of Directors
The Tighten Up Report


Orville said...

Peppe, you are the Jesus. That it is AWESOME news!

Anonymous said...

so rich. so robust!

Anonymous said...

so fresh so clean!

nice tag btw

mandy said...

Way to kick it with that redirect!! And, the tag made me, a'hem, lol.

Pete said...

The TUR has sold out to the man... the man being solid awesomeness.

Brenda Starr said...

This is all just too beautiful.