23 June 2009

Disconcerting news story of the day


Boeing Dreamliner Again Delayed

Boeing again delayed the 787 Dreamliner's initial test flight, because of structural weakness where the wings join the plane's body.

As far as structural weaknesses go... that's definitely one of the bad ones.

03 June 2009

Get Back Pirate or I'll Blast Yar!

Ah, the Heritage Foundation, a think tank where conservatives can pursue scholarly solutions to the USA's most dire problems.

Solutions like fighting pirates with lasers.

November 25, 2008
Pentagon Should Battle Pirates and Terrorists with Laser Technology
by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.

Directed Energy Weapons, particularly those powered by lasers, have long been the stuff of science fiction. Due to recent innovations in commercial solid-state lasers and their adaptation to military uses, potential and immediate national security applications for these weapons are apparent.

The Pentagon, however, has been agonizingly slow in fielding operational prototypes. This must change. There are real-world missions for which laser weapons are needed right now. Additionally, fielding prototypes is essential for developing the appropriate tactics, techniques, and procedures for employing these new capabilities. Unless the military gets these new technologies in the field, it is doubtful the full potential of such weapons will ever be realized. Additionally, further delays make it unlikely that a constituency will develop within the military to strongly advocate for developing and fielding directed energy weapons.

I'm not going to say it would make the best movie ever ... I'm just saying whoever writes that script first is going to make HUNDREDS of dollars.