20 August 2008

Quotation "explosion"

this sign made me cry.
and yes, it's from berryville, virginia.

18 August 2008

Background Tighten

What exactly was the CNN affiliate in New Mexico thinking when they picked this background?
(yes. This is a canvas question.)
Is Bill Richardson floating through the dream world of clouds and gianormous state seals?
Is he president up there?

06 August 2008

Having Fun?

To the people who use this question in situations where the other person involved in the conversation is clearly miserable - tighten the fuck up.
It's like a real life "Who's got the case of the Mondays?!" only worse because it can be used anytime.

Good rule of thumb: if you have to ask the answer is no.

01 August 2008

Dr. Evil: "One hundred billion dollars!"

As he was even in April (and no doubt long before), Robert Mugabe remains the biggest son of a bitch in the world.

PS - As a tightness-neutral aside, his predecessor's name was Canaan Banana. Apparently during his rule he was compelled to pass a law outlawing jokes about his name. Just a little piece of Friday afternoon trivia for ya....