24 April 2007

...and not a single hot fireman in sight

Listen here, Avery Hall brass. I know that urban planners often complain about the lack of interaction with the architecture department. And everyone has fond memories of fire drills in elementary school where you'd get to ditch long division and go flirt with the Davenport twins on the handball court (Adam was the cute one but Joey had a better sense of humor) as the PE teacher explained that California was on the San An-drey-us fault line.

But allowing the fire alarm to sound not once, but twice in the same time it takes me to check MySpace this afternoon is a) not the best way to spark substantive inter-departmental conversation and b) way less fun without handball courts and note-passing. You know what twenty minutes, two evacuations, half a dozen snarky librarians, and one cruelly interrupted bathroom break add up to? A giant hell-blaze of untightness. I also have it on good T-U authority that the same alarmist behaviour took place on several occasions over the weekend. (I'm so fired up right now that I'm resorting to British spelling.)

People have profiles to check serious research to do, and making us dance on coals every 5 minutes without any real safety concern is not a part of the bargain. So let's try to keep the home fires burning, shall we, Dean? Before you g-sap the life right out of us.

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Matthew said...

I have a feeling this tighten up report is influenced by our favorite snarkly snarkmaster miss snarklpants.