22 April 2007

Robert Moses, in need of tightening for almost 70 years

While residents of and visitors to the City of New York do owe credit to Robert Moses for some of his contributions, most noticeably the creation of many parks and recreation activities, and while it may be possible to forgive his position as Chairman of the Mayor's Committee for Slum Clearance, some of Mr. Moses's acts are unforgiveable. Luckily, some of his most egregious desires were stymied despite his incredible position of power. Some thoughts, though, are so flagrant that merely making them public should be... whatever one step down from crimes against humanity would be.

Robert Moses Exhibit

This is one of those thoughts.

Robert Moses, I bid you a posthumous tightening, and, if I may quote from Billy Madison, "I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."


Pepper said...

here here!

Jordan said...

On the contrary, Mr. Moses was a visionary, aiming to snuff out the twin blights of crack dealers and hasidic rabbis before they took root in the park.