27 April 2007

A Turn of the Screw

While I generally advocate for satire as the path to tightness, today I have nothing but dumb disbelief for Rush Limbaugh's failings as a member of society, manifested daily by airing things like this:

(Via Radar and Best Week Ever and Media Bistro, set to a song parody by "conservative political satirist" Paul Shanklin, based on this piece in the L.A. Times)

I would offer here a harsh ear-boxing "Tighten Up" to Rush and this Shanklin fellow, but I suspect their oily skins prevent any rational thought from entering. So I say we just tighten the front locks to whatever pit of evil Rush calls home and let him do his Pulitzer Prize-worthy work in isolation.


Matthew said...

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

Al Franken Senate '08!

Pepper said...

Looks like Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus should run on the same ticket.

Minna said...

oh my, yes. at least nobody will blame them for relying on their good looks.

Chris said...

i recently re-watched the film deliverance, and i think rush should have gotten the part played by ned beatty. except in real life.