24 April 2007

NYC: bring back the chrome

I gots beef with iPod. As this is my first contribution to the tighten up report, I am sad to note it is a hypocritical one, because I myself nano around the city lost in my personal Ratatat dance party. Nevertheless! I can change, as can we all.

Ipods put the greatest city in los Estados Unidos in a somnambulistic haze. Ipods allow us all to tune out the grime, the homeless, the screeching of children and subway cars. They individualize loud, release us from acknowledgment, and silence community. NYC is a Loud City! Bring back the chrome! Bring back the blaster!

Also, Albert Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz. You've got to be kidding me. Tighten up and step down.


fastbacker said...

Mister boombox's man-purse is definitely in need of T-up.

Also, even if the iPod has mostly removed portable music from the public realm in NYC, we still have the lovable jackasses who play videogames (sound on!) on the subway and the kids who think the best way to listen to music is by blasting 24kbps shit-tones through the tiny speaker of cellphone.

Pepper said...

the Shit Tones, wasn't that a Justin Timberlake side project in the 90s?

mandy said...

Is that Spicoli??