01 April 2007

Homestar Mushroom?

What's up with Mellow Mushroom's website being exactly like Homestar Runner?! I jumped over to "Mel's" website to see if I could find out what the hours are for their C'ville location (they don't have this information posted for *any* of their locations, btw) and was knocked into nostalgia to find they have modeled their site after homestarrunner.com. Even their "Menu" girl looks and sounds exactly like Marzipan.

Tighten-up, Mellow Mushroom! Get your own flash-toons ideas!


Pepper said...

you know, the more i think about this, the more i think they're in cahoots somehow. i think the tighten up report investigative staff needs to...investigate.

mandy said...

Actually, I considered that as well. But my understanding is that the Homestar guys have been sitting pretty with their merchandise sales. That is, they are financially stable, but even if they were pulling in money from gigs like designing Mellow Mushroom's site, I am surprised that there aren't other sites with their obvious stamp. What's more, for folks that good at Flash, and with a site as novel as homestarrunner.com, why would they model a so-so pizza chain's website after their own? Seems a little too lazy. I think the Mellow Mushroom guys just really liked Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, et al and couldn't think of a better context for Mel O. Mushroom.

... but you're right in that I'm still wondering why the HR guys aren't making a stink if it really *is* a ripoff.