10 April 2007

Subway pole-hog: loosen your grip on my convenience.

Riding the subway the other day, I was stationed mid-car (on the 1/9) and was holding onto one of the the two poles located at the foci between the middle and end door. I was on the inside of the pole. At one stop, some guy walks in, evidently obliviously, and leans against the pole--facing the opposite direction with his back to my face. As it happened, the point where his back intersected the pole was at my knuckles.

Thus, not only did he not realize he was hogging the entire pole for his own lazy goodtimes subway ride [I estimate that each pole should comfortably accomodate 3-4 passengers], he had no idea that he had pinned me to the pole. I gave him a few moments to realize his mistake, and when he failed to do so, I extricated my hand. He turned halfway round, mumbled "Sorry", and continued his tirade of looseness.

Subway pole-hog, tighten up! Purchase or rent some manners, if you can afford them, or quit riding the MTA.

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