25 April 2007

Time to tighten up my MySpace profile, I guess

Oh, Hollywood, you giant bagillion dollar ray of sunshine into our sad, numb, day-to-day.

So apparently reality TV "pioneer" Mark Burnett's next gift to the world is going to be a show called 'Independent' in which 100 MySpace users are going to run virtual presidential campaigns with debates and socioeconomic integrity and everything! Here's why this is so awesome:
  1. News Corp., owner of MySpace and Fox News, is the perfect media conglomerate platform for a show called 'Independent'. Because if there's one thing Fox News knows, it's fair and balanced, independent-minded politics. Am I right, Bill O'Reilly! High five!
  2. Anything that has to do with this man is automatically awesome. Behold La Murdoch:
  3. The candidates are apparently required to interact with the public. I sure hope that the 51-year old from suburban Florida who requested me as a friend last night gets one of those spots! I totally want to meet that guy!
  4. This show is going to be all about huge social truths, like this one by a Burnett exec: "We wanted it to be legit, and there's no greater democracy in play right now for people in their 20s than MySpace."
Wow. No greater democracy than a website where I get to choose which picture of my dog Nora to post next? Neat! Now why would anyone think that the other kind of democracy is lesser? Hmm. Oh well. Gotta run! The View is on!

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