11 April 2007

The Tighten Up Report gets results

U.Va.'s alumni association was ordered to tighten it up after sending a "Bagels and Buses" e-mail promotion for Foxfield Races, where they featured this ghastly graphic:

Grotesque, vaguely sexual, and badly photoshopped: yes this graphic hit the trifecta.

Fans of tightness can rejoice, for today the alumni association sent out another reminder, featuring the following graphic:

It's not high art, but it'll do.

University of Virginia Alumni Association: congratulations for tightening up! However, be advised that you are on Tightness Watch.

1 comment:

mandy said...

Yes, Jordan! I had the same thought when I saw that email: "Did the Alumni Association heed our warnings of Tight?!?" But alas, the event website still sports that original, ghastly image.

I am still urging they change the name of the event altogether. Bagels and buses? Please!

In other news, I need to tighten up: the reason that image I posted is not showing up on TUR is because my server is down. [Expletives.] This should be fixed in the next day or so . . .