25 April 2007

Get Rich Quick: Home Inventory Business

Really? Really? I call shenanigans. People are actually buying these "kits" to start their own Home Inventory Business. Ridiculous. It's true, there is a lot to be said for keeping an inventory of your personal artifacts -- for your own obsessive impulse, insurance purposes, time capsules, whatever -- but I have to say, Innovative Software, LLC is pretty ballsy trying to push a $349 "start-up kit". Even the infomercial folks are smart enough to break that down into installments. And they don't even list the kit contents. I mean, if that cost includes the camera and some extra info that I can potentially read and maybe ponder what it might be like to own my own business, perhaps, but $349 for what will probably just amount to more marketing materials?! Inventory, please!

I want to give this entire outfit a big T-Up [<-- "T-Up" is my favorite so far] for the following: I was alerted to this "business venture" when an agent called me saying she has a client who conducts Home Inventories and would like to purchase some insurance. Turns out, he hasn't even started his business. He has just purchased one of these kits and is anticipating $25,000 in gross receipts for 2007. This guy will be lucky if he recoups the price of the kit, let alone twenty-five thousand dollars. I mean, most folks are more than happy to take videos/pictures of their own stuff themselves. And those who aren't? Well, they have personal assistants for that kind of thing -- they're not going to pay an outside entity for this service. We're on to you, Innovative Software, LLC. Stick to software development and consulting, if that's what you really do.

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Pepper said...

the more i read this post, the more inconceivable it becomes.