14 August 2007

GQ fast and loose with Washington

Wonkette was kind enough today to bring GQ's list of Washington's 50 most powerful people to our attention. The only problem is GQ has obviously never set foot in the city of Washington.

I mean, we all have a copy of Capitol Advantage's CONGRESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS and we all know how to access the SOPR lobbyist filing site but this GQ list is like watching the Oscars and deciding that Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington are the biggest dogs in Hollywood.

This list is a great Who's Who reference for the next Clinton White House (Nancy Jacobson Penn made the list?! Are you fucking serious?! Raise your hand if you've ever set foot in that bitch's house. No one? Ok seriously, if I want to smell my own farts with eleven other assholes I'll pony up forty dollars and buy some brandy glasses)

I'm only happy that a restaurant (a franchise steak house, no less) and a dead president beat out actual people who work/live/gladhand in the city.

Where's Franco Nuschese on this list? Christopher Hitchens? Wonkette? Larry at Pearson's Liquor (he can get you a-n-y bottle of a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g within a week, which is invaluable in a booze lubricated city)? And while we're nominating restaurants--Perry's, Central, BLT, Bistro Bis, Bombay Club, Blue Duck, Tabard Inn?

GQ, tighten your shit up. Oh, and Conde Nast, word on the street is that you're hemorrhaging money. Might want to tighten the tourniquet on your finances or, you know, learn how to make an e-publication or something.


Pete said...

Pretty funny. I know nothing about the Washington power elite, however, I do know a thing or two about restaurants. BLT? Really? Laurent Tourondel is considered a second class citizen in the NYC restaurant scene. His places are for the Bridge and Tunnel crowd who assume his french nomenclature necessitates quality chefery. I would rate BLT down by Masa or the Emeril's in the lobby of the airport Hilton. Get your self a Bouley, than we can talk...

Pete said...

Speaking of DC restaurants, I happened across Brasserie Beck. Something worth checking out.

Orville said...

I would replace The Palm with BLT or Capital Grille or Charlie Palmer's or Bobby Van's (on 15 or New York)--Washington's power crowd just doesn't eat at the Palm. It's too far from Downtown and the Hill so its mediocre food is only trumped by its mediocre crowd. Capital Grille could kick The Palm's ass in both steak and big shot mucketty mucks. BLT's muckety mucks could buy The Palm and turn it into a lobbyists-eat-for-free buffet of mediocre steak.

kyle said...

i hope the raspberry vinaigrette tastes as good as every zinced penny. couple of grown men bickering about classy restaurants. fuck's sake.