27 November 2007

Costco Cocktail Parties, Now So 3 Years Ago

Let's leave the shameless family promotion out of this, but the New York Times ran an article two days ago about the relationship between Washingtonian host/hostesses and Costco. The article more or less celebrates this symbiosis, but I must go on record as saying most of the Costco pastries and baked goods suck. There should be much less pride in serving those mediocre black and white cookies (ask Pete). Look, we're all busy, we all love Costco, but so much pride is a little unwarranted. I love my sister, (Julie I love you), but I believe this article portends the death of the Costco Cocktail party. Once it's in the NYT, it's sooo 3 years ago.


Matthew said...

My God. No 2% milk and Costco cookies. What has become of DC? Can't you people vote in Congress to remedy such barbarism?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Richard Perle himself "now so 3 years ago"?

So weird that he is featured.

Orville said...

Shy of martial law, there is no likely solution

The Becca said...

I really feel like this article was sitting on a shelf for the last three years, then on a slow day, the nyt editors pulled it out, changed the date and voila! News!

Pete said...

If you produce an inferior Black & White, may God have mercy on your soul because I will not.

That cookie represents one of the most glorious symbioses in the baked goods world. Chocolate fudge, white chocolate and butter thickened vanilla cake batter. I declare Bergen Bagel Bakery in Brooklyn to be the most magical place on Earth.

Orville said...

pete, i will pay for these legendary cookies and pure, unadulterated, whole milk to wash them down with if only you will pick them up

Anonymous said...

You do your sister, Julie, tighten up dude, tighten up Julie. Bloody inbreds.

frogger said...

What other articles are sitting on the shelf at the NYT that we'll soon see in print?

"Move Over Sony Walkman - Make Way for These Smaller, White Gadgets from Apple!"

"There Are Lots of Starbucks in Any Given City"

"People Use So-Called 'Internet' for Shopping...and Dating"

"Move Over Sticky Pay Phone at the Mall -- Make Way for Small, Wireless Telephone Machines Utilizing Cellular Communication Technology!"

"Move Over Audio Cassete Tape - Make Way for These Shiny Discs that look like Slightly Smaller But Silver Vinyl Singles"

"Move Over Stovetop Reheating - Make Way for 'Microwave Oven' - New Kitchen Appliance 'Rearranges Molecules' to Reheat Last Night's Supper"

I could go on. But I won't.

Pete said...

Anonymous needs to tighten up his sentence structure.

Orville, the B&W with cold fresh milk will literally melt your face. It's almost too much to handle... almost.