02 November 2007

Obama Matters

In a shameless act of self-promotion, I submit to the TUR the newest cover of The Atlantic, designed by our tight art director, Jason Treat:


Jordan said...

Chris, I'm not going to lie - I cancelled my Atlantic subscription after four years, but I am excited to read this cover story (partly because Sullivan has been hyping it for three months). Luckily it's outside the magazine's firewall.

Bodenner said...

Jordan, I'm not going to lie - I rarely read The Atlantic prior to applying for a job there. (My left-center publication of choice had always been Harper's. But it, even after Lapham's exit, unfortunately descended into liberal predictability. My newfound love of The Atlantic, just in time for its recent shift towards political coverage, has filled that gap nicely.)

Sullivan's piece is a good one! Interested to hear your thoughts.