14 November 2007

Tighten up AP and stop making me look like a jerk

A certain source of mine, who shall remain nameless, with strong ties to the seedy underworld of the zoo-based media just tipped me off to the AP's retraction of their Paris Hilton elephant story I made fun of yesterday. Apparently, Paris said no such thing and could care less about drunk elephants. I will have to retract my TU on Paris and give her some props for realizing that she is, in fact, a worthless piece of human bowel movement whose only real reason for being alive is to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide.

The tighten up, in this case, must fall fast and hard on the idiot AP reporter that got this story wrong. One would think that checking one's sources when something as ridiculous as Paris Hilton trying to save drunk pachyderms comes up, would be a good idea. Apparently, said reporter disagrees.


Pepper said...

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

mandy said...

Stop posting as "Pepper", Fox News.

Brenda Starr said...

Don't be haters.
That poor reporter prob. graduated first in his/ her class at Columbia Journalism School and once had dreams of breaking the next Watergate. Now, they are stuck competing with Ryan Seacrest for stories.